Protect Yourself from Skype Resolvers

Follow these easy steps, this will also help you to hide your true identity.
1.Open Skype and Log in then navigate to Tools > Options > Advanced > Connection
You should see this format ;

2. Now go to HideMyAss and pick your favorite proxy but I recommend you to search for a proxy in your country with a SOCKS4/5 protocol because that is fast and anonymous.

3. Once you found the proxy you will be using, plug the number into Skype in the correct text fields and sure you have selected SOCKS5 from the dropdown menu.

That should be like this …

4. After following the steps above, click Save and then restart Skype. You’re now protected from letting other users to obtain your IP through Skype.

Note : 

Since Skype does not always allow you to use Proxy, I suggest you to do this to force Skype to use the proxy.

1. Open notepad and paste the following :

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
“ProxyAddress”=”YOUR PROXY HERE”

2. Then save file as .reg (e.g. skype.reg) and then open it and confirm.

Another thing to keep in mind is that proxies die after a while so if you are having problems connecting after awhile then you will most likely need a new proxy. For example, the one I used in the examples for this tutorial is dead, so don’t try it.

**Skype resolvers may take a bit to start showing your new IP address but once it does, nobody will be able to get your real IP**

Source : LTFU

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7 thoughts on “Protect Yourself from Skype Resolvers

  1. Superb Collection indeed! There are a few I have yet to try. There is however onemore tool, a project of mine, that I’d like to share with you – – admittedly,this tool has kicked off it’s journey few months back and by this time got very positive response from the user. Basically it’s a multipurpose based free online tools website.


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