MoLeCuL3 Email Bomber v1.2

Size: 580 Kb | Genre: Program Tool
Another share by MoLeCuL3, his Email Bomber version 1.2
     This tool obviously, floods your victims email with your desired speed. All you need is to choose a server client whether GMail or YMail and then input your email and password.
This is how to use the Bomber:
  1. Choose Server and then type your true email and password.
  2. Type Victims Email
  3. Determine the Speed or bomber (Maximum: 10)
  4. Go to Message Tab for putting your subject and message body
  5. Then finally, click “Send” to start the bomb and “Stop” for stopping it.
Note: This bomber uses your own email address to send email to the victims email, means this is not an Anonymous Email Bomber. This is intended only for educational purposes, the creator of this tool is not responsible for any use of this tool.
Credits: MoLeCuL3
Download Link:

Published by Grey Uzuo

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