Anti Deep Freeze v0.5 Beta3

Anti Deep Freeze v0.5 Beta3
use it when you forgets the Deep-Freeze password.

What’s new in this version:
1- Fix some bugs
2- Add Deep Freeze v7.61.020.4320 Standard
3- Add Deep Freeze v7.61.020.4320 Enterprise
4- Add Deep Freeze v7.61.020.4320 Server Enterprise

Supported Versions:
1- Deep Freeze Standard v4.10.020.0448
2- Deep Freeze Standard v5.70.020.1372
3- Deep Freeze Standard v5.70.220.1372
4- Deep Freeze Standard v6.61.020.2822
5- Deep Freeze Standard v6.62.020.3058
6- Deep Freeze Standard v7.00.020.3172
7- Deep Freeze Standard v7.60.020.4298
8- Deep Freeze Enterprise V7.10.220.3176
9- Deep Freeze Workstation v7.60.20.4298
10-Deep Freeze Standard v7.61.020.4320
11-Deep Freeze Enterprise v7.61.020.4320

Note: This version is protected with VMP so don’t worry if you get any false antivirus alarm.
Inform us here for any NOT working version.

Credits: aljeelany + Ahmed18

Download Link: 

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