How to make a DoS Tool [Tut]

Today I’m gonna give you a tutorial on how to create a DoS Tool, I know the code executed in the tool is via command prompt we are trying to let you see it being implemented in Visual Basic .NET.
  • Visual Basic/Studio
  • Brain


  1. Open Visual Basic/Studio
  2. Create New Project
  3. Name if whatever you want (e.g. DoS Tool [Explo])
  4. You need 2 Textboxes (for IP Address and Packets), 2 Buttons (Start and Stop) and a Timer.
  5. Double click the Start button then input this code:


6. Go back to Designer tab then double click Stop then input this code:


7. Then click Timer1 and input this code:

             Shell(“Ping ” + (TextBox1.Text + “-1” + (TextBox2.Text)))

8. Debug to try if it works then Publish.

You can also download my sample program for this tutorial. I didn’t include the Try Catch Exception in the tool.
Credits: Anon


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