DotNet String Obfuscator

DotNet String Obfuscator obfuscates your Visual Basic or C# Project, thus, helps you to reduce the risk of being decrypted. It is to harden the difficulties of reading your code so that a script kiddie will not copy your work if they try to reflect it.

How to use:
1. Run Application
2. Open the project you want to obfuscate

3. After you open your project, the method of obfuscation will be unlocked. Choose what you want.

4. Then click “Appliquer” to begin the process and click the “Yes” button for start.

5. Success! Your source code has been obfuscated. You can see the result below the original source in the application.

6. For the location of the file, it the program will automatically create a folder named “DotNetStringObfuscator” which is placed on where the application is placed.

Mirror Download:

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