Spotify MP3 Downloader [SilentAngel]


Spotify MP3 Downloader
– is simple a ripper for your Spotify musics.
– It basically rips mp3 files from the spotify server then it automatically adds the id3 tags and the album cover art. (c) SilentAngel
– 100 Guarantee! Not a Phishing methods or what so ever. 

How to use: 
[0] Extract the files first!
[1] Open the folder that is right for your system (x86 – 32 bit, x64 – 64 bit)
[2] Click “start.bat” , DO NOT CLOSE THE APPLICATION
[3] It will open a browser. If it doesn’t. Just go to “localhost:1717” (no quotes)
[4] Login with your spotify account. Note: You don’t need a premium account 🙂
[5] Drag the spotify uri/url on the designated box {e.g: open.spotify/track}
[6] Then click Download!
[7] Wait for it to reach 100%
[8] All mp3 files will be found in the mp3 folder. {e.g: /location/sdl64/mp3}

[9] Enjoy with your song 🙂

Screenshot of Success Download:

Note: You don’t need a Premium Account to download a music from your spotify account, but you can also use a Premium Account if you have one. 

Direct Download link: (Openload)
Rar Password: SilentAngel.Releases
Mirror Link: (MF)
Credit: SilentAngel

Published by Grey Uzuo

Simple cyber surfer sharing random things with credits.

47 thoughts on “Spotify MP3 Downloader [SilentAngel]

  1. It didn't works anymore 😦 It says \”Fri, 19 Feb 2016 02:05:31 GMT – 201 – Worker response \”168 22 216 192 88 223 159 184 216 145 239 194 184 245 103 150 215 125 80 65:\” -Worker closed \”Help! 😦


  2. its not working. I type in the correct login and URI but nothing happens after you press download. I get an error that says \”worker closed (0)\” \”new worker (0)\” ???


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