SYN Flood DoS

It is a program for Denials of service by flooding SYN packets. These packets are SYN connection requests, and have fake source IPs so the connection is never made and waits. When you have sent thousands of requests the server is collapsed and does not accept new connections.


– It is much more effective when attacks are made from several points (DDoS)

– Having thousands of connection attempts from fake IPs and have only several true (the attackers) is very complicated or the IDS System Manager can locate the real attackers.

– Is based on Nmap using Decoys

– Send SYN 115 per ScaNeo, ie, approximately every half second depending on the power of the computer and network.


1. Open the program and hopes that this loaded at all (because it contains takes a little Nmap complete, and you have to unzip and upload all files)

2. If the first time you open it and you do not have WinPcap installed you will get the following message:

(!. (WARNING It Seems That You Have not installed WinPcap Its neccesary to run the DoS, do you want to install it now Y / N?))

And we, we give to enter and install

If you have already installed and continuously give N

3. tells you to enter the Target (target), then you put the IP (eg or the DNS ( you want to attack.

4. You have to put the port to attack. If a web is Http (80), but if you want to attack another service like FTP (21) or Telnet (23) will have to put your port. Obviously, the port must be open and listening.

5. When you turn “Dosing the target ;-)” and go down scans Nmap constantly, and these attacking the victim

To see the real effect of the attacks recommend monitoring the network at that time with Wireshark, you will see the IP packets. 🙂

Credits to defc0n1


Published by Grey Uzuo

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