UnDeepFreeze (All Version)

UnDeepFreeze is a useful program that can disable your Deep Freeze whenever you forget your password and needs to change something in your computer. It can disable all versions of deep freeze as stated (I can’t really try all versions y’know).

How to use:

1. TURN OFF your Anti-Virus first then download the application.
2. Open UnDeep Freeze then choose the version of DeepFreeze you’re using.
3. You will see 2 icons for deep freeze
4. Press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT and click the second DeepFreeze icon.
5. You will then see the password in “OTP TOKEN
6. Copy and paste the code in your deepfreeze password field.

How to Uninstall DeepFreeze:

1. Open DeepFreeze by pressing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F6 or just hold SHIFT then RIGHT CLICK 2X the DeepFreeze icon.
2. Enter your DeepFreeze password
3. Select the button that says “BOOT THAWED” then click APPLY
4. Restart your Computer
5. Then locate the DeepFreeze installer in your computer, usually DeepFreeze file for version 5.x has the name  “D5Std.exe”, for DeepFreeze 6.x usually called “D6Std.exe”
6. Then Select Uninstall then restart your computer.
7. Otherwise, you can also use CCleaner for uninstalling if you have.

Hope it helps you. 🙂 Credit to the creator of this program.


Published by Grey Uzuo

Simple cyber surfer sharing random things with credits.

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