1337 Admin P4Ge FiNd3r v5

1337 Admin Page Finder v5 (1337 Admin P4Ge FiNd3r v5) says so that it can find the admin page of a website. This finder has a lot of features that you can meddle with and this is the latest release of BK. You cannot see admin finder like this commonly.
Written in: Perl & converted to executable
  • More powerful
  • More options
  • More lists
  • New Box
  • Sounds added
Enter site url : Insert site url in the blank field.
Enable Response time : This option enables the response time.If you leave it off the default response time is 50 seconds.
Select time to Response : Select the response time to any request to server.If the request exceeds the time you specify and does not response it passes to the next path.
Select User Agent : This option is important because it helps us to choose which browser will see the server. So the server can not understand if the applications are from program.
Select Method : Here you have the choice of method and source code.
New Method : New method.What is this????
Here I will dwell a bit because there is nowhere Admin page finder in to do something similar. It was just an idea that was implemented.
A smart administrator changes the default login url.
thus makes it impossible to find using a simple admin page finder.
The new method does just that. It takes url http://www.localhost.gr
Make the split and join http://www adding the path between http://www and localhost.gr forming the urlhttp://administrator.localhost.gr
Dir Bruter : This option includes a huge list of directory paths.
Use custom Dir list : Here you can add your own directory paths in file dir.txt
The dir.txt file is created automatically by pressing the button TXT generator
Use custom Admin list : Here you can add your own paths in file admin.txt
The admin.txt file is created automatically by pressing the button TXT generator
Use mass Scan-Reverse ip First : With this option you can scan mass pages
but first need to reverse the ip or
you can add your own pages in the file reversed sites.txt
Then just click the button Scan Mass
You can also choose custom path.
includes keywords in 10 language
INFO : In this section reflected useful information like
  • shows user ip
  • shows site ip
  • shows reverse dns
  • Auto IP Reverser—This button reverse the site ip and print the results in program and create one txt file.[ reversed sites.txt ].This txt used      for mass scan
  • shows sites hosted on the same ip
  • shows robots.txt if it can be read
  • shows results found
  • shows Result not found

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