Smart Install Maker v5.04 + Key

Smart Install Maker v5.04 is a useful application if you want to make your personal applications have an installation process, it has a various functions that help you improve your user interface. It has both installer/uninstaller function.


  • Create smaller setup files with built-in Cab compression. Smaller size distributives are quicker to download and give users a better installation experience.
  • Control installation and uninstallation – decide the method, time and contents of installation, modification or removal (including registry, .ini and config files).
  • Check system requirements automatically. If the current system does not comply with the minimum requirements, the installer can notify the user of the problem or automatically abort installation.
  • Customize the installation environment and appearance of wizard screens (eg add gradients or images to the window background, add header image, logo image, etc).
  • Customize screens for display during installation (eg license agreements, readme files, etc).
  • Use the OS native language: automatically identify the language of the target operating system and adjust the screen and message language settings accordingly.
  • Execute custom commands, operate with installer variables, verify passwords, customize uninstall, manage uninstall feedback.
  • Ensure a clean uninstall with no leftovers or orphan files, folders, services or registry records.
  • Create silent installations that do not display installation dialogs and messages.
  • Cut development time. Avoid learning new languages or complex software – get hold of the intuitive GUI and enjoy the speedy setup creation process.
  • Don’t just pay for a brand name without power or quality! Although Smart Install Maker is low cost, it does not offer useless features like many other supposedly superior products.
Visit Official Website of Smart Install Maker for more product info –
So here’s the star of the day – the License Key of this application.
Credit to the provider of key.


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