How to- Set Up VirtualBox

Here I will explain how to set up a virtual machine and in this case it’s VirtualBox. There are many benefits to having a virtual box. It allows you to run another OS inside your current OS. You can also use it to test viruses/bots/keyloggers without having to worry about the infection spreading. Think of it as a disposable computer. Sandbox but on a much larger scale.

For this tutorial you will need:

  • VirtualBox
  • ISO, CD or bootable USB with the operating system of your choice.
 Start of by downloading the VirtualBox installation. You can download it from the official site. Once installed, run VirtualBox and you’ll be presented with the screen above.
Click on new and you’ll be asked to choose your operating system that you’re using. You can see the various options that are on offer. Choose the one you are installing and give your operating system a name. This doesn’t have to relate to the operating system, it’s just a name you pick like for a user profile.
Here you choose the amount of RAM to assign to the virtual operating system. Make sure the amount of RAM assigned is enough for the operating system but also insuring that your PC will not be under strain. I suggest not going over half of your total RAM. If you have 4GB installed, assign no more than 2GB to your virtual box.
Were making a new machine here, so we’ll pick the middle option. Here you’ll also pick the type of virtual box hard drive file. Don’t worry too much about what each option does, the one I’ve selected will do fine. If you pick a dynamically allocated space it just means the size of the virtual box file will increase as you go along and if you picked fixed size it will stay the same until you change it yourself.

Once you’ve picked the size of your hard drive, you’ll be presented with the final few steps. Press the Start button on this window.

Click the folder icon and you’ll be asked to pick a file. Choose your ISO & press start. Follow on-screen instructions to finalize the setup.
Q: The internet on my Virtualbox doesn’t work.
A: Make sure you installed the network adapter during install, make sure it installed properly and make sure your physical and virtual adapter are allowed to communicate.
Q: System error: Bootable media not found.

A: See screenshot below, you need to make sure Virtualbox is able to access the bootable media.
Thanks for reading ! 🙂
 Credits : Xch4ng3@HF

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