Gr3eNoX Exploit Scanner

The name Exploit Scanner says it all on how it works.

Here, I will teach you how to use this program.

1. First, you need Dorks to make it work. I’ll give you some dorks.
SQLi :
2. We’ll just go for RFI.
3. Download the Exploit Scanner first.
4. Choose any Dorks in the pastebin link.
5. Paste the Dork and don’t click search yet. You see that 6 options named ” Simple SQLi, Forced SQLi, XSS, LFI, LFI Fuzz, RFI.” Tick the circle before the word RFI and then click Search.
6. Set Pages to 5, you can see it below the where you paste the dork.
7. And then click Start.
8. Click “Save to File” after the scan. That sites are vuln to RFI.
9. After finding all the vulnerable sites, proceed to the steps on how to hack it.

Hacking Site with RFI Tutorial : Click here
Download File : (Updated as of March, 27, 2020)


Credits : Gr3eNoX

Published by Grey Uzuo

Simple cyber surfer sharing random things with credits.

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