IDM Trial Reset and Registration Tool

Internet Download Manager Trial Reset and Registration Tool (IDM Trial Reset and Registration Tool), you don’t need to worry about registration blocks, virus detection and the need to patch the application in every new update of this software. This tool solves all your problem in registering your IDM application.


  • IDM Trial goes forever without expiration
  • Restores IDM application if blocked of with fake serial
  • Any IDM updates to latest version can register
  • Registration is not blocked
– Always use the updated tool (click Check for Updates)
– Run as Admin when using this tool
– Remember to Restart the application after using the tool so that the changes will take effect
– If fake then try to reset and register again
  1.  Download and Install latest version of Internet Download Manager (IDM)
  2.  Run as Admin the IDM Trial Reset and Registration Tool
  3. After the tool opens, you will see three tabs for Trial Reset, Register and Help
  4. If your application has pop ups about fake serials then use TRIAL RESET tab and click “Reset the IDM Trial now” button; wait for the tool pop up saying “You have 30 day trial now!
  5. Then proceed to REGISTER tab then click “Register IDM now” button and wait for tool pop up of  “Type your name here” then type “EXPLO” and click OK
  6. Then wait for the pop up saying “IDM is registered now!” and click OK.

  7. Exit IDM on taskbar and open it again. There your Internet Download Manager is now registered.
Tested on Internet Download Manager v6.29 build 2
Credit to the creator of this tool.

Published by Grey Uzuo

Simple cyber surfer sharing random things with credits.

2 thoughts on “IDM Trial Reset and Registration Tool

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