How to Earn on ClipClaps + Proof Payout

ClipClaps App is an android application where you can earn while watching videos or posts within the app. Fill your day with laughter with viral videos, and stay entertained in-app games. You can watch the videos without Ad interruptions that you hate. They use ClipCoins as their cryptocurrency. 
How to Download & Sign Up on ClipClaps:

  1. Download ClipClaps App on Playstore here: Click here
  2. After install, open app and register either “Login by Phone” or “Continue with Facebook”
  3. Once done, go to Rewards Tab then click “Redeem” on upper right side of the app.
  4. Copy & Paste this Reward Code ( 4PT15YF7 ) and click Redeem button.
  5. Now you can get your 1$ reward.
Watch Full Video Tutorial on How to Earn on ClipClaps App: (Youtube Link:
ClipClaps Earning Method:
  1. Go to Rewards Tab, and click Free next to Spin
  2. Share your referral codes to your friends and get chests like these:
  • For each friends, that signs up, received a diamond chests.
  • If a friends logs in after 24hrs registration, receive an extra chest.
  • Friends that logs in the 2nd week? Gets another chest.
Proof of Payout: 
Is ClipClaps a Legit paying App? Check these articles:

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