Create/Spoof Dislike Button in Fb

Okay, now I’m gonna share you a code which create a Dislike button in a post with a prank. Here’s the Code :{“text”:”Dislike”,”href”:”“}] You have your will to edit the word “Dislike”. For Proof if it’s working : Url : Credits for Sharing : Wizkid

How to – Get User IP via Image

Hello visitors, I know this trick is known already but I’m gonna share this because someone don’t know this also so I’m gonna give them a tutorials about this. This tutorials explains how to get the IP of an user using an External Image. Here’s the step : 1. You need to have an accountContinue reading “How to – Get User IP via Image”

DDoSer Script by Team Indishell

 File Size : 7.81KB | 4KB Compressed As Hulk DDoser are in Python format Hulk DDoser are mainly use for DDosing the Websites to take them down or to crash a website and many newbies in Python Language or who don’t no Python Language are not able to use this script properly or many peoplesContinue reading “DDoSer Script by Team Indishell”

Bruteforce Account with Mozilla Firefox

  In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you hacking accounts without using any hack tools or programs. Note : This trick may not work if there are captcha protections in the site your going to hack to. What you need : Mozilla Firefox Browser – Get here FireForce Add On in Mozilla – GetContinue reading “Bruteforce Account with Mozilla Firefox”

Protect Yourself from Skype Resolvers

Follow these easy steps, this will also help you to hide your true identity. 1.Open Skype and Log in then navigate to Tools > Options > Advanced > Connection You should see this format ; 2. Now go to HideMyAss and pick your favorite proxy but I recommend you to search for a proxy inContinue reading “Protect Yourself from Skype Resolvers”