[VB.NET] How to make an Icon Changer

The title of the programs says it all on how it works. Now, I will show you the steps. 1. Create a new Project 2. Add these tools from the toolbox: 2 textboxes, 3 buttons, 1 picture box, & 1 openfiledialog (prefer the image above) 3. Then add class (Project>Add Class), and name it anythingContinue reading “[VB.NET] How to make an Icon Changer”

DDoSer Script by Team Indishell

¬†File Size : 7.81KB | 4KB Compressed As Hulk DDoser are in Python format Hulk DDoser are mainly use for DDosing the Websites to take them down or to crash a website and many newbies in Python Language or who don’t no Python Language are not able to use this script properly or many peoplesContinue reading “DDoSer Script by Team Indishell”