PCB Wizard 3.5 Pro (Lifetime License)

PCB Wizard Professional Edition is used electronics professionals and beginners or for educational purposes.You can use PCB Wizard to design one and two-sided printed circuit boards. Design PCB using this software covers all the aspects of the design of these boards: schematic, captures, placing components, lists of materials, routing, generation of reports. This application can be anContinue reading “PCB Wizard 3.5 Pro (Lifetime License)”

Livewire Pro v1.11 (Lifetime License)

Livewire Professional Edition helps you to easily design electrical and electronic circuits and simulate them, you can create a circuit using all the components available. Components can be customized by double-clicking it and changing its properties, selecting a specific model can make it like the real-life object. It also enables you to run it in a simulation, featuringContinue reading “Livewire Pro v1.11 (Lifetime License)”