DotNet Renamer

CDotNet Renamer as the program tells, it renames the presets of exe files with the following: – Characters – Namespaces – Types – Methods – Properties – Events – Fields – Attributes – Parameters Just tick the checkbox if you want, you can change the preset modes in CUSTOMIZE setting. It is available for C#Continue reading “DotNet Renamer”

DotNet Patcher v4.2.1.0

[FEATURES] –> Showing selected file informations (Assembly name, target CPU, Version) –> Detect and showing the result if the binary file was obfuscated or packed. Supported list : – Rpx (Packer) – ILProtector (Packer) – NetZ .NET (Packer) – NetPack (Packer) – Mpress .NET (Packer) – DotNetPatcher (Packer/Obfuscator) – CodeFort Obfuscator (Obfuscator) – Manco.NET ObfuscatorContinue reading “DotNet Patcher v4.2.1.0”

DotNet String Obfuscator

DotNet String Obfuscator obfuscates your Visual Basic or C# Project, thus, helps you to reduce the risk of being decrypted. It is to harden the difficulties of reading your code so that a script kiddie will not copy your work if they try to reflect it. How to use: 1. Run Application 2. Open theContinue reading “DotNet String Obfuscator”