Reverse Engineering Tools 1

We have a set of RE Tools for you, these are the tools listed:  Process Hacker – can see all processes in running on your computer MegaDumper – it can dump .net malware  (check Git here) ExeinfoPE – verify .exe files and check out all properties DnSpy – manage obfuscated code with large varietyContinue reading “Reverse Engineering Tools 1”

SQLi Dumper v7.0

SQLi Dumper v7.0  is a tool can be used for penetration testing with more features added. There are different tabs to explore in this tool. Features:  Online Scanner where you import your URLs and then scan for sqli vulnerabilities, more tab to see if either it is exploitable, injectable or not. URL Analizer where youContinue reading “SQLi Dumper v7.0”

Visual Basic 6.0 Portable

Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0  Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 is basically a software that can create an application by creating there interface first then puts the code in C or C++. It is still used for educational purposes, what’s special in this post is this software being a portable one in shrink size. Sample Photo: YouContinue reading “Visual Basic 6.0 Portable”

IDM Trial Reset and Registration Tool

Internet Download Manager Trial Reset and Registration Tool (IDM Trial Reset and Registration Tool), you don’t need to worry about registration blocks, virus detection and the need to patch the application in every new update of this software. This tool solves all your problem in registering your IDM application. Features: IDM Trial goes forever withoutContinue reading “IDM Trial Reset and Registration Tool”