Reverse Engineering Tools 1

We have a set of RE Tools for you, these are the tools listed:  Process Hacker – can see all processes in running on your computer MegaDumper – it can dump .net malware  (check Git here) ExeinfoPE – verify .exe files and check out all properties DnSpy – manage obfuscated code with large varietyContinue reading “Reverse Engineering Tools 1”

Windows & MS Office Auto Activation Tool v1.5.9

Auto Activation Tool v1.5.9 is a tool to activate either your Windows and MS Office Licenses, it connects to a server which you need to register first for an account then start of the activation process.   How to Activate your Windows/Office: Download “Auto Activation Tool v1.5.9” Disable your Antivirus first, since your usual AVContinue reading “Windows & MS Office Auto Activation Tool v1.5.9”

License Crawler 2.1 build 2410 + License

License Crawler is a freeware tool that allows you to discover your application product keys or serial numbers or licenses. It is very handy especially when you reformat your computer, you need those information you used for registration, it can even get Windows Product key.It also has some other features such as encode/decode using Base64,Continue reading “License Crawler 2.1 build 2410 + License”

Hmei7 WebDav

Webdav is a vulnerability for website long time ago but there still websites that are vulnerable with this. I am sharing this tool for those who don’t know yet about this tool. This tool automatically uploads a asp shell in the webdav vulnerable website. If it’s not vulnerable, the tool will say it’s not vulnerable.Continue reading “Hmei7 WebDav”

Gr3eNoX Exploit Scanner

The name Exploit Scanner says it all on how it works. Here, I will teach you how to use this program. 1. First, you need Dorks to make it work. I’ll give you some dorks. RFI : SQLi : XSS : LFI : 2. We’ll just go for RFI. 3. Download theContinue reading “Gr3eNoX Exploit Scanner”

1337 Admin P4Ge FiNd3r v5

1337 Admin Page Finder v5 (1337 Admin P4Ge FiNd3r v5) says so that it can find the admin page of a website. This finder has a lot of features that you can meddle with and this is the latest release of BK. You cannot see admin finder like this commonly. Written in: Perl & convertedContinue reading “1337 Admin P4Ge FiNd3r v5”

UnDeepFreeze (All Version)

UnDeepFreeze is a useful program that can disable your Deep Freeze whenever you forget your password and needs to change something in your computer. It can disable all versions of deep freeze as stated (I can’t really try all versions y’know). How to use: 1. TURN OFF your Anti-Virus first then download the application. 2.Continue reading “UnDeepFreeze (All Version)”

DeadLines Extension Spoofer

DeadLine’s Extention Spoofer is a tool that disguises your desired from its original extension file name. This can be used in various ways depending on how deep your imagination can do. This program spoofs extensions on the following: .png .mp3 .jpg .mp4 .scr .vbs .reg .txt Credit to the creator of the tool. DOWNLOAD