Facebook Profile Guard Activator

Facebook Profile Guard has been long available on selected countries, it’s purpose is to secure your profile by not letting others to take screenshots of it, add tags of their own, or share it in any way.    How to Activate Profile Guard: We have two options for you, First; Go visit this site – fbshield YouContinue reading “Facebook Profile Guard Activator”

How to Earn on ClipClaps + Proof Payout

ClipClaps App is an android application where you can earn while watching videos or posts within the app. Fill your day with laughter with viral videos, and stay entertained in-app games. You can watch the videos without Ad interruptions that you hate. They use ClipCoins as their cryptocurrency.      How to Download & Sign UpContinue reading “How to Earn on ClipClaps + Proof Payout”

Hmei7 WebDav

Webdav is a vulnerability for website long time ago but there still websites that are vulnerable with this. I am sharing this tool for those who don’t know yet about this tool. This tool automatically uploads a asp shell in the webdav vulnerable website. If it’s not vulnerable, the tool will say it’s not vulnerable.Continue reading “Hmei7 WebDav”

How to- Set Up VirtualBox

Here I will explain how to set up a virtual machine and in this case it’s VirtualBox. There are many benefits to having a virtual box. It allows you to run another OS inside your current OS. You can also use it to test viruses/bots/keyloggers without having to worry about the infection spreading. Think ofContinue reading “How to- Set Up VirtualBox”

How to Speed Up your Windows 10

Many people nowadays adapt to the new Operating System release Windows 10, but some users encountered some problem like lagging issues resulting to slow performance of computer aside the having high specifications unit. So here are some tips on how to improve the speed or performance of your Windows 10 OS. 1. Disable Transparency ofContinue reading “How to Speed Up your Windows 10”

[Tutorial] Encryption & Decryption

Part 1: Static Encryption Hello everyone. While I find encryption to be sort of halfway-exciting, Some of you may not. If you don’t like learning, coding, and are bored to tears by encryption, stop reading now. If you are reading this, continue on. ~~ What is cryptography? Cryptography (or cryptology; from Greek κρυπτός, kryptos, “hidden,Continue reading “[Tutorial] Encryption & Decryption”

How to make a DoS Tool [Tut]

Today I’m gonna give you a tutorial on how to create a DoS Tool, I know the code executed in the tool is via command prompt we are trying to let you see it being implemented in Visual Basic .NET. Requirements: Visual Basic/Studio Brain Steps: Open Visual Basic/Studio Create New Project Name if whatever youContinue reading “How to make a DoS Tool [Tut]”

Skype Log in Problem Solution

Skype /ˈskaɪp/ is a freemium voice-over-IP service and instant messaging client, currently developed by the Microsoft Skype Division. The name was derived from “sky” and “peer”. – Wikipedia   Just a days ago, I had encountered this annoying problem in my Skype Client with a messy Log in page. If you got this problem, thenContinue reading “Skype Log in Problem Solution”

Port Forwarding via UPnP

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) What is Port Forwarding? Check it out here Your port will forward automatically is your router supports it.    The image above is the main screen of the tool and it shows all of your open ports and program behind it.   Click the “Add new entry” and then theContinue reading “Port Forwarding via UPnP”