UnDeepFreeze (All Version)

UnDeepFreeze is a useful program that can disable your Deep Freeze whenever you forget your password and needs to change something in your computer. It can disable all versions of deep freeze as stated (I can’t really try all versions y’know). How to use: 1. TURN OFF your Anti-Virus first then download the application. 2.Continue reading “UnDeepFreeze (All Version)”

Anti Deep Freeze v0.5 Beta3

Anti Deep Freeze v0.5 Beta3 use it when you forgets the Deep-Freeze password. What’s new in this version: 1- Fix some bugs 2- Add Deep Freeze v7.61.020.4320 Standard 3- Add Deep Freeze v7.61.020.4320 Enterprise 4- Add Deep Freeze v7.61.020.4320 Server Enterprise Supported Versions: 1- Deep Freeze Standard v4.10.020.0448 2- Deep Freeze Standard v5.70.020.1372 3- DeepContinue reading “Anti Deep Freeze v0.5 Beta3”