VB.NET Project Source 1st

VB.NET Project Source 1st batch consist mainly used for hacking education purposes, it is one of my collection and sorted out unnecessary source codes. It is common already that opening these binders, crypters, keyloggers and DdoS will trigger your anti-virus protection since these are already detected algorithm by the time you debug the application.  AllContinue reading “VB.NET Project Source 1st”

DotNet Renamer

CDotNet Renamer as the program tells, it renames the presets of exe files with the following: – Characters – Namespaces – Types – Methods – Properties – Events – Fields – Attributes – Parameters Just tick the checkbox if you want, you can change the preset modes in CUSTOMIZE setting. It is available for C#Continue reading “DotNet Renamer”

[Tutorial] Encryption & Decryption

Part 1: Static Encryption Hello everyone. While I find encryption to be sort of halfway-exciting, Some of you may not. If you don’t like learning, coding, and are bored to tears by encryption, stop reading now. If you are reading this, continue on. ~~ What is cryptography? Cryptography (or cryptology; from Greek κρυπτός, kryptos, “hidden,Continue reading “[Tutorial] Encryption & Decryption”

[VB.NET] How to make an Icon Changer

The title of the programs says it all on how it works. Now, I will show you the steps. 1. Create a new Project 2. Add these tools from the toolbox: 2 textboxes, 3 buttons, 1 picture box, & 1 openfiledialog (prefer the image above) 3. Then add class (Project>Add Class), and name it anythingContinue reading “[VB.NET] How to make an Icon Changer”

Infamous – Rat Hacking Tool

Infamous is a group in hackforums that is well disciplined and highly skilled users. One of the member created this tool. Infamous Rat Hacking Tool is programmed in Visual Basic.NET and mainly composed of an Icon Changer, Binder, Pumper & Spoofer with a very excellent theme owed from Aeonhack. Here are some of the screenshots:Continue reading “Infamous – Rat Hacking Tool”